The versions of

Version 1.0

This was the first version of my personal site, it was meant to be a mix of a blog and a portfolio for my graphic design work.

Screen capture of version 1

Version 2.0

Version two was still meant to be a portfolio site for graphic design work. I remember being really proud of the rounded corners, I had learned that you could use positioned images to create them. So I was using them everywhere.

Screen capture of version 2

Version 3.0

I remember having fun sketching out the goofy illustrations. I think I had some inspiration from some of the fun things I had seen on CSS zen gardens.

Screen capture of version 3

Version 4.0

This version was done after working as a front-end developer at The Richland Group for about four years. It was my first go at using a static site generator (Jekyll) and was my first personal site I was really happy with. The other sites were fun, but the amount I had learned between those sites and this was was quite substantial.

Screen capture of version 4

Version 5.0

This was done over my Thanksgiving vacation in Nov 2021. I’d gotten tired of my old site’s portfolio being so out of date and was really wanting to finally make a blog so I decided now was the time. I initially started with planning to keep it looking the same as the old site, but the urge to redo it all took over.

Screen capture of version 4